Try. And try and try and try…

Today, I thought I would discuss the importance of persistence- mainly because my personality is an incredibly persistent one. I am, without a doubt, my own most annoying life coach. Being persistent, constantly irrevocably persistent, seems to be a rare trait. Does this make me special? No. I can list numerous rare traits that I do not possess.

My head is constantly filled with persistent thoughts- and they can’t be turned off. It isn’t entirely bad- persistence can be incredibly beneficial when say I want to date someone or make a new friend, when I want a specific job or when I want to win a competition. However, allow me to say that persistence can also be a huge flaw- when I want to lose weight, when I fail at a goal, when the old body gets injured from running (as it often does)…that’s when the persistence just kind of turns into a big old bully. Granted, that may also be why I set incredibly high goals for myself- because I know I’m persistent and stubborn enough to attain them. And the knowledge that not attaining them will only make me go back through and start over so that the next time the opportunity presents itself, I will succeed at it.

I’m not sure if this is a trait one grows into or if it’s something you’re born with. I’d have to say I’ve always had it. I’ve always had the ability to force myself to make something happen. On the one hand, I have very few (if any) regrets in this life. I’ve dated interesting people and made interesting friends. I’ve read books I wouldn’t have normally finished. I have done good for others by volunteering when I promised to do so even if all I felt like doing was laying on my couch, eating Cheetos. There are downsides. My ego is bruised often. My heart has been hurt. My body has been pushed to its limits- usually by over training for races. My time has been wasted reading terrible books because I can’t not finish a book no matter how stupid it is. I’ve been used by people on numerous occasions.

However, that’s the beauty of life, I think- living with no regrets. I refuse to ever wonder “what if?” If my persistence is good for anything, it has that covered for now. So today I encourage you to be persistent. Start small. Choose one thing. But persist…there’s no room to wonder “what if!”

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