Give Blood, Give Back

Giving blood is a great way to help others. These are people that you will likely never meet, but they are people that you will make a difference to- a lifesaving difference.

There was a short span in my life where I thought I wanted to be a nurse. The truth is that I had the personality for it- until it came to dealing with death. I am aware that death is a part of life, but it is not something I was able to separate myself from. I wish I could explain how easily my heart attaches itself to people. It’s like it doles itself out a piece at a time to everyone I interact with. Sometimes bigger pieces, sometimes smaller. And when those pieces went to patients who didn’t make it…I can’t really explain quite how that felt either. I know I didn’t know them that well, but there is something so intimate about a relationship- even one that only lasts a week or so- when you are a caregiver. When you bathe someone or help them clean up after using the bathroom or brush their hair or hold their hand because they just need to know someone is there- those were some of the toughest months that I can recall having ever had in my life. I dropped out of school and haven’t once regretted it- which has been a relief.
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The Healing Power of Touch

Maybe it’s just the hopeless romantic in me, but I believe (and have for many years) that something as simple as human touch can heal many problems- both mine, and those of the world.
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Hard Lessons

I often find that my best teacher is a very hard lesson. I can’t say that I’m someone overly keen to advice or suggestions- I prefer to do things how and when I want to do them, and I learn myself if they are a big old fail or not.

I’m well aware that there is an adage out there about how you can’t make every mistake yourself; sometimes you must learn from the mistakes of others. I can dig that. However, just because I appreciate it doesn’t mean it really does me any good- it usually doesn’t. After all, maybe the failures of others won’t necessarily happen to ME. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I have the opportunity to do something stupid.
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My Friends Kick Booty

I find myself in awe of many of the people that I have the privilege of calling my friends.
Friendship is a funny thing, anyway. Different personalities collect different types of friends. Sometimes, there is the occasional oddball in a group and sometimes an entire group is one you’d have never seen together. I think my most enlightening moment regarding my own friendships was my birthday last year. I invited every single person I thought of dearly to celebrate with me. Most were able to join me, but it was just eye opening to see how many different “groups” I was a part of. I found myself spending time with each of these groups individually as they clustered with those that had been invited that they knew and I thought to myself “I wish all of these people knew how awesome so-and-so is and would introduce themselves.” In retrospect, I probably should have played host and done the introducing myself, but these are the things we kick ourselves for later. Continue reading

Broken Hearts and Fresh Starts

New relationships, for all of their excitement, are some of the most nerve-wracking experiences anyone, anywhere can have. For all of the differences that we as humans have, the cultural divides, the religious divides, the political divides, our sexual orientation- whether we are white, black, brown, olive, purple, green, pretty, ugly, sexy, nerdy, or downright weird…I think that it is safe to say that we will all, at some point, have feelings for someone.
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Lessons and Learning to Wait

I was a child of immediate gratification. I think that’s just the household/society I grew up in. My parents were not wealthy by any means. They were two, lower middle class kids who were working their butts off in entry level positions, just trying to scrape together enough money to make the house payment, the car payment, the utility payment, the daycare payment, groceries, and have a little left over for a box of diapers or some extra formula.
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New Year’s resolutions are tough to come up with. There’s the generic “get into shape” or “travel more” or “quit my job.” I have made all of these promises to myself at one point or another. I DID get into shape this past year, so that was successful. I did travel more last year than I have in the last five years and this past Christmas I finally applied for a passport, so I can only hope that my travels increase. I have also quit my job and am quite busy at a new one, while still keeping my eyes peeled for writing opportunities on a freelance basis. It wasn’t all fun- in fact I can recall months at a time that were downright miserable. But we pick ourselves up, don’t we? We suffer through the lot of it and keep our fingers crossed that we will eventually find our way through it.
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