My Friends Kick Booty

I find myself in awe of many of the people that I have the privilege of calling my friends.
Friendship is a funny thing, anyway. Different personalities collect different types of friends. Sometimes, there is the occasional oddball in a group and sometimes an entire group is one you’d have never seen together. I think my most enlightening moment regarding my own friendships was my birthday last year. I invited every single person I thought of dearly to celebrate with me. Most were able to join me, but it was just eye opening to see how many different “groups” I was a part of. I found myself spending time with each of these groups individually as they clustered with those that had been invited that they knew and I thought to myself “I wish all of these people knew how awesome so-and-so is and would introduce themselves.” In retrospect, I probably should have played host and done the introducing myself, but these are the things we kick ourselves for later.
Anyway, I think that my friends are AWESOME- different in their own, unique ways of being and doing and living, yes. These friends are making choices that I wouldn’t necessarily make, picking fights I would never pick, doing battle over things that I don’t personally believe. Yet, I find myself thinking that I am surrounded by people capable of making big changes in this world. They make a huge impact on the lives they touch and they will only continue to impact in positive ways.
I wrote a post awhile back about being most like the 5 people we surround ourselves with. I have been thinking about this more and more, because I think that my 5 are often in flux. I have one or two that have always been constant, and the other three slots are occasionally taken over month to month as I find my schedule aligning with one over another. It’s kind of crazy to think that no matter who the 5 people are at any given time, I have shrunk my friend pool to a point that I like every single person in it. Every single person that I have in my phone, that I e-mail, that I dedicate myself to knowing- I have the privilege of being LIKE THEM in some manner of speaking because they are who I have chosen to spend time with. I get to be similar to those people that I admire and…wow…how awesome is THAT?
Growing up, I was often jealous of people that had things that I wanted. These people were more popular than me, prettier than me, had more money or the ability to play sports or…or…or. I have come to realize that it is, instead, a joy to simply KNOW these people and allow them to know me. There are people who bring out my more talkative side or the side of me that loves to listen. I have friends that make me feel beautiful and I have friends that make me appreciate the beauty in others.
I ask you to appreciate the qualities that your friends possess that perhaps you do not. I also ask that you learn from their qualities and try to forge the qualities in yourself which you admire in others. Remain true to yourself and never be something that you are not- but realize that you are ever evolving, especially when you allow yourself to interact with others.

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