I just got back from a mini vacation. It was just a quick three day getaway with some girlfriends in Utah, about two hours outside of Vegas. Check out my Project 365 blog for some photos. Rocks were red and purple and gold when the sun shone with a blue cast after the moon rose. The sky was blue, the clouds looked like cotton. Small waterfalls and tiny rivers flowed through the ravines- I can’t say I’m a very spiritual person, but if there were ever proof that a higher power does exist, I would say it lies in natural beauty- and I was in total awe.

As with most of my travels, I experienced a serious case of “bummer” when I arrived for my departure flight. I feel like myself when I go places and see things- travel has always been one of my first true loves. Coming home from trips is always depressing for me. When I am out, I see the world in new ways and I’m willing to try new things. I stop being wrapped up in me and my responsibilities in this life and I make the effort to embrace the possibility. Then somewhere between checking in for a departure flight and boarding it, I forget about all of these amazing possibilities and am forced instead to focus on responsibilities. There is nothing that stomps on my entrepreneur spirit more than being caught up in what you could be only to be slapped in the face with the reality of who you actually are and what you are actually doing with your life.

So I challenged myself this time. Don’t get home and immediately go to bed. Go home and find some way to remind yourself exactly how you felt this weekend. Remind yourself that doing things that make you happy can be selfish, but they can also be beneficial to everyone around you. Be brave. Be great. Don’t ever give up on the freedom and possibility that you allowed yourself to dream up only mere hours ago. You have one life- take it.

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