Writing Machine

You may recall that I wrote a post awhile back about my inability to learn from the mistakes and/or the advice of others. This has happened yet again in recent days and I wanted to share- not to guide you away from mistakes that I have made or consequences that I have suffered (you stubborn mule) but rather to warn you that stubbornness can and will make your life a living hell. If you can’t trust anyone else on this point, trust someone who can out stubborn her own mother.

About one month ago, I launched my own business and website, Curly Q Media. I personally find it to be amazing and informative, but I suppose I’m biased. Fast forward to about three weeks ago when I decided to launch another (extraordinarily time consuming, hare-brained) idea of mine- Project 365 (aka: visual and verbal cocktails with a twist.) In other words, I’m not just snapping pictures for a 365 Project. Oh, no. I’m also massaging my creative brain tissue, forming stories around these pictures I’m taking. At first, I was thrilled by my idea- it’s brilliant, it’s bold, it’s fresh! A day or two in, I realized what I’d been told all along by my mentor- it’s going to be way more work than you’re imagining. I had dismissed this idea with a scoff- I’m one of those really fast writers who doesn’t do much in terms of “drafting.” My first attempt is usually a go with some light rearranging. Some people can dance, some people can sing- I never had to write up an outline for a college paper. It’s all a matter of perspective. However, I had skipped over one minor detail- creative writing is a giant B-word. Trying to push out a totally wacked out (but not too wacked out) story every day that has heart (but isn’t too boring or lame) is really, really difficult. I’m hoping that, that portion of my brain just hasn’t really been relied on since I wrote up my college essay and that it’ll get easier in time. Meanwhile, I suggest never, ever, ever starting a business (with a blog) as well as a blog that requires pictures/creativity/writing in rapid succession.

All I can say is that by the end of this year, I will be a writing machine. I have never written so much in my life- I’m pretty sure that I didn’t even write this much as journalism major. On the other hand, it’s somewhat thrilling to be right in the heart of what I love. I can feel myself growing as a person and as a professional with each item that I’m asked to write or with each new creative post that I put out there. So I actually can’t say that my stubbornness has caused me to make a mistake (yet again.) Rather, it has led me into a new challenge. In case you weren’t aware, I thrive on challenges- which is probably why I also keep and maintain this blog.


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