Out of Character

Oddly, it is the people that we love the most that we are most willing to be the most “out of character” for. After all, we are told from an incredibly young age to be ourselves always- that people should love us exactly as we are, not for who they want us to be.

Some people have one personality and that’s just what the whole world sees. Some individuals, however, have a side that they show the world and a side that they show their family, closest friends and significant others. That first side of mine is a really easy skin to be in around anyone that I meet. It is the side of me that is not only polite, professional, and well-communicated, but it usually is wearing makeup and its hair is done. There is an air of confidence and an edge of competitor. This side of me is a total perfectionist in my work and my day-to-day tasks. Most people that enter my life will only ever know this side of my personality.

In my experience, it has been that second side that seems to have the most trouble just “being itself.” Not when I’m around people that I’m comfortable with (family, friends, boyfriend) but around people I’m trying to decide if I should be more comfortable around such as when I was still dating or when I meet a new friend and we’ve been hanging out for a few weeks. This is because the side that I show an incredibly select group of people is a bit of a weirdo. I won’t go into details (those are super-secret) but suffice to say that several of my relationships have ended solely due to the amount of time I dedicate to singing 90’s pop music in my car…and that’s just one of many quirks.

I will say however, that I draw the line at any type of public humiliation which for me includes but is not limited to: karaoke participation, dancing anywhere other than on a club/wedding floor (and even then it is questionable), starting the wave at any establishment or event, introducing myself to people at public functions, and/or otherwise drawing excessive (or any) attention to myself. While I’m pretty active in social media because my work requires it, I’m a surprisingly private person. But for a good friend? Pffff, sign me up for something crazy and outside my normal box of comforts! It isn’t that I’m eager for these experiences, but I’m friends with certain people for a reason.

They help me push my boundaries in ways that will let me grow, but not in ways that will change who I innately am. I am willing to not only be my weirdest self around them, I will also make a complete fool of myself on new levels that are totally uncomfortable for me but still healthy, safe and enjoyable. Does that make sense?

What are some things that you are not comfortable doing, but that your good friends can push you to do?

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