I Can

There are days when the world makes absolutely no sense. Where you have tried and failed so many times at your dream that you are at serious risk of giving up. I don’t know how you all react to such depression and pressures. My old reaction was to curl up and cry for a few days- “no, world! I can’t handle you anymore, just leave me alone. Go bother someone whose dreams you haven’t stepped on!” Once all the tears were out, I’d usually mill around like a zombie for a few days, deep in a fog of mixed emotion- angry, sad, depressed, exhausted, alone, the only person to ever have issues…that kind of thing. What do I do these days when defeat keeps kicking me down? I sign up for another marathon.

Oh, yes. That would be 26.2 miles of running for my non runners out there. I’m not a person who thinks that running distance is all that extraordinary in and of itself…I truly believe that pretty much anyone can do whatever they put their mind to. If you don’t believe me go HERE and HERE (and prepare to cry.)

I DO think the dedication that it takes to train for a marathon is incredibly impressive. It is weeks of being constantly hungry, constantly achy, constantly boring. That’s right! You can’t party on a Saturday night and expect to run your 16 training miles on Sunday morning. I’ve tried, it is horribly, horribly unpleasant.

Training for a marathon is 18 weeks of pushing boundaries, of breaking down walls, and creating a killer lung capacity. 18 weeks of your body saying “I can’t” while your heart and your mind say “oh, but you can.” So when I need that boost, that push, that reminder that I’m good enough…I sign up for a long distance race.

Keep kicking me, world! Sure I’m having some rough luck with nailing down new projects. Maybe that magazine didn’t like the proposal I’ve submitted. Perhaps I can’t find an individual willing to take me on as an apprentice so that I can learn better copywriting skills. I CAN keep writing up proposals. I CAN keep creating. I CAN keep building my portfolio. And damnit, I CAN run another marathon.

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  1. This is true. There are things we CAN keep doing. I’m in the same spot, frustrated by an inability to secure another position in the job sector. So now, I will work on the film stuff to the hilt. Maybe we will find ourselves creating our own vehicle. Who knows? All the best…

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