Portland, OR

Have you ever been to Oregon? Personally, I’m a huge fan of the west coast. I’ve visited California more times than I could count, but until I became invested in a long-distance relationship (he’s in Portland) I had never visited places like Portland, Seattle and even Vancouver.

I have been missing crazy amounts of awesome. This past week, I spent some time on the coast in a small little cabin about 45 minutes outside of Salem, OR. I’m surrounded by the Cascade Mountains, trees, a lake so clear you can see the sky.

It’s funny- my other and I were talking about how much we hated totally disappearing when we were younger. How growing up in small towns or getting dragged to small towns for vacation as a child was always horrible. There was never anything to do and everybody knew who you were. However, as an adult, this was the most spectacular getaway I’ve had in months. It was relaxing. It was beautiful. I was off the grid. I had to DRIVE for WiFi access during my office hours. There was something terrifying and thrilling about being out of internet range for 12 full hours (how sad is that?)

As someone who has always taken busy vacations, I can now totally understand the beauty of a genuine escape. A busy vacation being a trip where you have places to go, things to do, stuff to see. A vacation where the only “vacation” is being away from work- but you get home nearly as exhausted (if not more exhausted) than when you left. A genuine vacation is one in which you actually relax and can shut off your brain. Okay, maybe not shut off, I was thinking about work and to-do lists quite a bit. However, when I head back to the Midwest in a few days, I know I’m not going to be wishing for a vacation after my vacation. I’ll be ready to hit it at full speed ahead.
What about you? Do you take actual vacations or do you take busy vacations? What is more beneficial to your lifestyle and why?

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