Reviews Are IN!

WOW! Third review for book 2 – no idea who it is that left this, but they made me cry. Happy tears. See below for the whole enchilada!

I am honored, every single day, that I’m doing this. That I’m writing books. I’m further honored by my readers – thank you, thank you for purchasing, reading, loving/hating, and reviewing!

“In this second Marian Moyer mystery, our girl gets a call from her family to come home immediately as her niece has been kidnapped! So Marian, BFF Addison, & Marian’s 2 hunky P.I.s Mika & James take off to her hometown to help. Once there The crew, with the help of Marian’s cop friend Janet, try to find Marian’s niece before the trail goes cold. The plot twists & turns while Marian follows from one clue to another. At one point the tension is palpable!

Great read! Can’t wait for book #3 – Scandal, Temptation, & a Taste of Flan. Definitely recommend you read Book #1 – Sex, Murder, & Killer Cupcakes to see how Marian meets her hunks. Both books worth the time & money, I promise!”

You can purchase all books in the Marian Moyer series through my website –

Happy Reading!

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