My Babies

My dogs are my kids. Naturally, I felt that it was time to have them photographed. Check out Kala Howard for a sneak peek at Charlotte (Chihuahua) and Millie (?).

Granted, this isn’t the only “crazy” thing I’ve done for my dogs. They get spoiled with love, rawhides, trips to the dog park, trips to the pet store, Bark Boxes, and more. Plus, they have full access to the bed, especially when it comes to early morning snuggles. Crazy dog lady? Perhaps. But these two little buggers shower me with more love and attention on a daily basis than any human is fit to receive. Isn’t it fair that I return the favor when and how I can?

What crazy thing have you done for your dogs lately?

PS: I try to remind myself to approach friendship and family in the way that my dogs would – eagerly, fully and with no hesitation. Thus far, I’m liking the changes I see in my relationships. You should give it a shot, dear reader.

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