Lining Up Stars

Do you ever feel like the universe is just lining up your stars?

I’ve always thought that there is something bigger at work. I’ve never believed that Earth is the only life-sustaining planet. I’ve always believed in coincidences. There just seem to be too many of them in my life.

A few months ago, I decided to begin journaling again. Frankly, it goes better some weeks than others. I write so often in other ways that sometimes, when sitting in front of a journal, my mind is blank. I try to accept this as part of my offering to the world – that there are days I have nothing to offer my journal thought-wise. If I’m at a total loss, I do always try to write down what I’m grateful for. I often forget to write things down because I’m grateful for so many of them.

I think that when you’re grateful for things, more things that you can be grateful for start to come along. Here’s the thing: I try to always be grateful, even for the bad stuff. I get into a fender-bender: I’m grateful it wasn’t worse. I get stopped at every single red light: I’m grateful for more time listening to my favorite band. I injure myself when running, I’m grateful that I have the ability to run again after I’ve healed.

When I was younger, it was harder. There were days I didn’t have enough money to buy more for groceries than three packs of Ramen for a dollar which had to last me a week. I was grateful that I at least had enough to cover rent and gas to my low wage job.

When I do this, I feel as though the universe is more inclined to line up better opportunities for me. Crazy?

What do you believe?

My Babies

My dogs are my kids. Naturally, I felt that it was time to have them photographed. Check out Kala Howard for a sneak peek at Charlotte (Chihuahua) and Millie (?).

Granted, this isn’t the only “crazy” thing I’ve done for my dogs. They get spoiled with love, rawhides, trips to the dog park, trips to the pet store, Bark Boxes, and more. Plus, they have full access to the bed, especially when it comes to early morning snuggles. Crazy dog lady? Perhaps. But these two little buggers shower me with more love and attention on a daily basis than any human is fit to receive. Isn’t it fair that I return the favor when and how I can?

What crazy thing have you done for your dogs lately?

PS: I try to remind myself to approach friendship and family in the way that my dogs would – eagerly, fully and with no hesitation. Thus far, I’m liking the changes I see in my relationships. You should give it a shot, dear reader.

Give Blood, Give Back

Giving blood is a great way to help others. These are people that you will likely never meet, but they are people that you will make a difference to- a lifesaving difference.

There was a short span in my life where I thought I wanted to be a nurse. The truth is that I had the personality for it- until it came to dealing with death. I am aware that death is a part of life, but it is not something I was able to separate myself from. I wish I could explain how easily my heart attaches itself to people. It’s like it doles itself out a piece at a time to everyone I interact with. Sometimes bigger pieces, sometimes smaller. And when those pieces went to patients who didn’t make it…I can’t really explain quite how that felt either. I know I didn’t know them that well, but there is something so intimate about a relationship- even one that only lasts a week or so- when you are a caregiver. When you bathe someone or help them clean up after using the bathroom or brush their hair or hold their hand because they just need to know someone is there- those were some of the toughest months that I can recall having ever had in my life. I dropped out of school and haven’t once regretted it- which has been a relief.
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