Finding Support

Well, I’ve done it. I have launched a personal website. Not just a blog, oh, no. A website of the marketing services I offer. But this isn’t going to be a blog about me and my business endeavors, oh no. You’re more than welcome to check me out of course, but if you’re interested in hiring me or passing me along to a friend, I think you’ll do it because you want to. This is going to be a blog about something that goes beyond an individual.
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Who Am I?

I was once told that we are most like the 5 people we surround ourselves with most. As someone whose main “strength” in life is her empathy, I’m sure you can imagine why this was so interesting to me.

I find that I often feed off of people’s emotions. I’m a fairly happy person 9 out of 10 days. Everyone gets frustrated or sad or lonely or pissed off, so let’s not pretend like that doesn’t happen to me. All in all, though, I’d say I’m a fairly upbeat person with fairly lofty life goals and I really like other happy people because they make me the happiest. I would say I keep a fairly good head under pressure or when friends of mine get upset, but I find that if “upset” is just someone’s general personality, I can’t handle it. I can’t handle daily negativity, daily sadness, daily complaints, or daily anger. I also can’t handle drama which seems to contain all of the above.
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Who Runs the World? Girls.

I was very anti female relationships for a number of years. As many of us often are, I was the brunt of many bad jokes when I was younger, the majority of the taunting coming from my female peers. By the time I hit high school and college, I was incredibly cautious about the women that I let into my life. I gravitated towards men for friendships when I could. Men were far less complicated. My guy friends didn’t care how I looked or acted or spoke. I wasn’t judged for how much I ate or for how much or little I said. I am lucky that this same group of guys is still in my life 10 years later with an addition here or there and I love them all just as much now as I did back when we used to make really lame theater jokes and our idea of a “cool” night out was grabbing a late dinner and being out past curfew (because our parents said we could.) Continue reading