Who Runs the World? Girls.

I was very anti female relationships for a number of years. As many of us often are, I was the brunt of many bad jokes when I was younger, the majority of the taunting coming from my female peers. By the time I hit high school and college, I was incredibly cautious about the women that I let into my life. I gravitated towards men for friendships when I could. Men were far less complicated. My guy friends didn’t care how I looked or acted or spoke. I wasn’t judged for how much I ate or for how much or little I said. I am lucky that this same group of guys is still in my life 10 years later with an addition here or there and I love them all just as much now as I did back when we used to make really lame theater jokes and our idea of a “cool” night out was grabbing a late dinner and being out past curfew (because our parents said we could.) Continue reading