Grabbing Life by the Ba- urm- Horns!

Well, if you hadn’t head through Facebook, I have become the very person I used to be jealous of. Yes, I quit my 40 hour a week job and have revved into full gear as a (remote) freelance writer/social media specialist for Curly Q Media (and part time server in downtown and Zirtual Assistant.) 28. Up to my ears in student loan debts. No 401(k), no benefits (unless I buy them) and no bi-weekly paycheck with my taxes neatly pulled courtesy of Human Resources. Some people would say that I was stupid– frankly, I can’t really argue that fact. I have no business background, I was making stupid money for an easy job (where I was very unhappy) and I have an iron clad lease for which I owe rent through February. Oh, I also have a long distance relationship- we fly about 2000 miles each way once a month- gets pricey. It’s enough to make you vomit a little in your mouth- actually; I did when I reread all of this.
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Hard Lessons

I often find that my best teacher is a very hard lesson. I can’t say that I’m someone overly keen to advice or suggestions- I prefer to do things how and when I want to do them, and I learn myself if they are a big old fail or not.

I’m well aware that there is an adage out there about how you can’t make every mistake yourself; sometimes you must learn from the mistakes of others. I can dig that. However, just because I appreciate it doesn’t mean it really does me any good- it usually doesn’t. After all, maybe the failures of others won’t necessarily happen to ME. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I have the opportunity to do something stupid.
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Try. And try and try and try…

Today, I thought I would discuss the importance of persistence- mainly because my personality is an incredibly persistent one. I am, without a doubt, my own most annoying life coach. Being persistent, constantly irrevocably persistent, seems to be a rare trait. Does this make me special? No. I can list numerous rare traits that I do not possess.
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